Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Trash Can Tracker

Each week, we tell you the story of two trashy celebrity-ish divorces that, at least to our eyes, seem to share come common themes. We assign a Trash Can rating to each, although we leave a lot of wiggle room in our rating system. Here’s our more-or-less real time Trash Can Tracker:

Week 1

Rudy Giuliani – Three trash cans

Henry VIII – Five flaming trash cans

Week 2

Charlie Sheen – Three Trash Cans

Anthony Weiner – Four Trash Cans

Week 3

Bethenny Frankel – 4.5 Trash Cans

Debbie Reynolds – Debbie gets Halos. Eddie Fisher gets trash cans.

Week 4

Margaret Mitchell – Margaret gets Halos; ex-husband Red gets trash cans.

Newt Gingrich – A perfect score: Five Trash Cans!