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Sponsor Codes

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Get a break on great products and services from our amazing sponsors! These coupon codes and discount offer details are current as of March 2022.

The Oak Tree Group. Get a free one hour financial preparedness conversation from this firm of female financial planners. Call 770-319-1700 and tell them you’re a Trashy Divorces listener, or visit them at www.theoaktreegroup.net.

BetterHelp. Get 10% off your first month when you sign up at betterhelp.com/trashy.

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Feals Premium CBD. Get 50% off your first month’s membership order at feals.com/trashy.

Preply. Learn languages online with the world’s best tutors for 50% off at preply.com/trashy.

StoryWorth. Get 10% off your first purchase at storyworth.com/trashy.

Truebill. Spot and stop money-draining unused subscriptions at truebill.com/trashy.

Victoria Emerson. Buy one piece and get one free when you visit victoriaemerson.com/trashy and use the code TRASHY.

Magic Spoon. Get $5 off a variety pack of delicious, gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, GMO-free, low carb cereal by visiting magicspoon.com/trashy.

Apostrophe. Get $15 off your visit at apostrophe.com/trashy, with code TRASHY at sign-up.

Manscaped. Get 20% off and free shipping with code TRASHY at manscaped.com.

FSA Store. Get $15 off your order of $150 or more with code TRASHY15 at fsastore.com.


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