Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Podcast Coaching

Coaching for Podcasters

Got a great idea for a show, but you’re not sure how to take it from concept to full-fledged podcast?

Already have a podcast, and need a sounding board to figure out your next steps in growing and monetizing your show?

Trashy Divorces is the second podcast we launched, after learning countless things from creating our starter podcast. Along the way, we’ve learned about everything from equipment to platforms to editing to social engagement to research, photos, and sourcing. It’s a lot, and we’ve also found that one of our very favorite things is to chat with other podcasters and compare notes.

If you want to launch a show but are feeling lost in a thicket of details, or already have a show and want to find strategies to grow it, reach out to us at hello@hemlockcreatives.com to schedule a free 20 minute phone or Zoom consultation.

Ready to make a killer podcast? We want to help!