Sun. Jan 29th, 2023

How To Listen to Patreon in Your Normal Podcast App

Hey friends, we’ve heard a lot of feedback from Patrons who are struggling to get all the Patreon episodes they want to hear. Patreon gives you access to a special URL called an RSS feed that you can paste into most podcast players, meaning you can listen to the Trash Candy Spectacular feed where you listen to every other podcast. We’ve put together this little tutorial to try to help get you all the trashcandy you can take! If you need further assistance, please email us at trashydivorces@gmail.com and we’ll see what we can come up with.

Step 1: Find your personal RSS feed on Patreon

Note: If you still have your initial Thank You email from when you first signed up, your private RSS link is included there. You can open it on your phone, copy the link, and then proceed to Step 2 below.

We’ll start with a desktop computer, and follow it with how to find this on your phone’s browser.

First things first, log into your Patreon account. This is how it looks on a desktop PC in November 2020.
Once there, click on the “My Memberships” tab.

Once you’re on the My Memberships page, scroll down until you see this field.

Since this example is from a desktop computer, and you probably want the RSS feed on your phone, in this case, emailing so you can access it on a mobile device works.

In the Safari Browser on Apple iPhone. I think this should generally work across mobile devices:

Again, log into Patreon on your phone’s browser. As with the PC example above, click the “My Membership” tab on the menu.

Scroll down to the “Private RSS link” box and copy away.

Step 2: Add the RSS Feed to Your Phone’s Podcast Player

Whoa-oh, we’re halfway there…. Once you have the RSS feed link, it’s time to put it into your podcast player. We’ll give you two examples (Apple Podcast and Overcast), but you may need to ask Google about “how to add an RSS feed to [specific podcast player]” if your app is noticeably different.

Apple Podcasts:
Open Apple Podcasts and go to your Library.

Click the “Edit” button on the top right.

Click “Add a Show by URL…”

Paste the RSS feed URL into the box and click “Subscribe.”
Your Trash Candy Spectacular feed should populate in your Library right away.

Adding Your RSS Feed in Overcast:

Overcast has a menu at the very top of the screen with several options.

Press the + sign at the top right.

Click the “Add URL” option at the top right.

Paste the RSS Feed link into the field and then click “done” at the bottom right. There’s no password required.

Need more help? Here are some Support articles from Patreon itself, and of course, you can reach out to us at trashydivorces@gmail.com if you find yourself stuck.

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