Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

About Us

Trashy Divorces is a Good Podcast About Bad Relationships. Hosted by Alicia and Stacie, every Sunday and Wednesday we take listeners on a comedic ride through stories of marital misconduct and love gone wrong.

About the Hosts

Stacie is a freelance copywriter with experience in a range of industries, but for years has supplied regular ghostwritten content for law firm websites. In 2018, she realized that she had a stack of material that, with significant revision and a shift of emphasis, could probably make for a pretty bangin’ podcast. Then she realized that the website and social media handles for “trashydivorces” were somehow not already owned by someone else, and a plan was hatched.

Alicia is a freelance corporate trainer and instructional designer by trade who consults for companies and government agencies. When she’s not doing that or podcasting, she’s also an accomplished artist. You can find her work at Be Sassy Art on Facebook. Her first wife will always be her Yorkshire terrier Ruby Tallulah, but she grudgingly acknowledges her status as a cat lady, and blames Stacie for it 100%.

They’ve been married since 2015 (they had to do it in Florida, because it wasn’t legal in Georgia yet) and live in Atlanta with Ruby and their cat sons, Inman and Barnaby.

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