Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
Josephine Baker's birthday was this week, and her life was absolutely astounding.

Josephine Baker by Creator: Walery, Polish-British, 1863-1929 / Public domain

S22E17: Josephine Baker (Trashy Divorces Classics)

Alicia has the incredible-but-true story of entertainment legend Josephine Baker, a woman who did every famous person cliche first, while also spending World War II as a spy coordinating activities for the French Resistance. Oh, does your favorite star not do that?

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Josephine Baker – Children, Spouse & Movie – Biography

Josephine Baker Biography – life, name, school, mother, old, information, born, husband, house, time, year (notablebiographies.com)

Josephine Baker Portrait (1999) (YouTube link)

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