Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
Shakira has never been married, but has had some notably bad breakups.

Shakira. Condé Nast (through Vogue Taiwan), CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

S22E14: Shakira

Shakira isn’t just a global pop phenomenon – she’s also the rare Trashy Divorces subject who has never actually been married. But two very long relationships, scandalous breakups, and a shadowy hacker group’s revelations about tax avoidance make this story a perfect fit anyway.

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Stacie’s Receipts

Cover Story: Shakira (rollingstone.com via archive.org)

Shakira’s Belly Dancing Discovery (contactmusic.com via archive.org)

Osvaldo Rios did an interview about his past relationship with Shakira (tiktok.com)

Osvaldo Rios confesses his betrayal to Shakira: ‘He was neither loyal nor faithful’ (eltiempo.com, Spanish language)

¿Él le pegaba? Osvaldo Ríos: el otro amor tormentoso de Shakira (semana.com)

Shakira y Antonio de la Rúa: qué pasó con ex novio de cantante – Grupo Milenio

A doce años de su separación, el motivo por el cual Shakira y Antonio de la Rúa terminaron su relación – Revista Para Ti

France, 1/10/11 (shakira.com via archive.org)

Pique confirms Shakira relationship on request from Barcelona coach Guardiola (tribalfootball.com via archive.org)

A ‘bunker’ in purgatory: Shakira’s complicated relationship with Barcelona | Culture | EL PAÍS English

The Truth About Shakira And Gerard Pique’s Relationship (nickiswift.com)

Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s Relationship Timeline (people.com)

Shakira ‘devastated’ over ex Gerard Pique’s alleged affair with new girlfriend | news.com.au

Who is Lilly Melgar, Shakira’s ex-employee to whom she dedicated her new song ‘El Jefe’? | Marca

Shakira reveals emotional toll of her split from Gerard Pique: I believed in ’till death do us part’ (latimes.com via archive.org)

Who Is Clara Chia Martí, Gerard Piqué’s New Girlfriend? (cosmopolitan.com)

The surprising reason why Shakira put a witch on the balcony in front of Pique’s parents’ house | Marca

Shakira reaches a deal with Spanish prosecutors on the first day of tax fraud trial (npr.org)

Shakira Wins Legal Battle in Spain Over Tax Evasion Charges (hollywoodreporter.com)

A photo has emerged of Shakira’s happy reunion with her ‘beloved’ ex-mother-in-law (hola.com)

Gerard Piqué allegedly cheated on Shakira with her friend and trainer (hola.com)

Dispelling the myth of the nanny as homewrecker: Shakira rescues the one Gerardo Piqué fired | Culture | EL PAÍS English

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