Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
Stevie Nicks, and Fleetwood Mac, have some history!

Stevie Nicks by Awil916, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

S22E13: Fleetwood Mac ca. Rumours and Stevie Nicks (Trashy Divorces Classics)

We’ve got a special double-feature for you today with two listener favorite episodes – Stacie’s telling of Fleetwood Mac around the time Rumours was made, and Alicia’s story of the strange, sad, and short marriage of Stevie Nicks. Please wish us good car buying luck, and we’ll be back this weekend with a brand new Trashy Divorces story!

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Stacie’s Receipts

Sound on Sound interview with Rumours producer Ken Caillat.

Rolling Stone on ‘Silver Springs,’ 40 years later.

The Daily Mail on Fleetwood Mac’s epic late-70s debauchery.

Alicia’s Receipts

Watch Stevie’s Master Class episode in its entirety (extra footage) (stevienicksinfo.wordpress.com)

The Wild Heart of Stevie Nicks by Rob Sheffield | Audiobook (audible.com)

Fleetwood Mac – Destiny Rules (Full Documentary) (YouTube link)

Conversation With Stevie Nicks (YouTube link)

Stevie Nicks was pregnant with Don Henley’s baby (mercurynews.com)

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