Wed. Apr 24th, 2024
Doctor Who's Billie Piper has had two divorces and a career as a teenage pop star!

S21E11: Actress Billie Piper

When the Doctor Who television series rebooted on BBC in 2005, the producers were looking for a very specific type of person to play The Doctor’s human traveling companion. They wanted a young actress to connect to a new generation of viewers, but also relatably perform the role of an ordinary girl whose adventures with The Doctor connect her to what makes her extraordinary. The selection of actress Billie Piper for the part of Rose Tyler was especially inspired; after all, Billie had been a pop star by age 15, only to walk away from a life she didn’t want – and toward the one she did.

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Laurence Fox denies ‘brutal’ divorce from Billie Piper turned him into a ‘weaponised anti-woke bad boy’ as he claims tweets branding him ‘racist’ were an ‘organised pile-on’ to destroy his career | Daily Mail Online

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