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Rock Hudson's sole marriage was as invented as his Hollywood persona, but the man himself, and his complicated life as a gay man, would change the course of history.

Rock Hudson in 1952, By Universal Pictures - RR Auction [1], Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=25557872

S20E15: Rock Hudson

Hollywood heartthrob Rock Hudson was everywhere on American screens in the 1950s and 1960s. He was the man every woman wanted, and every man wanted to be, but what Hollywood knew and the public didn’t was that Rock Hudson was a fabrication, a character in and of himself. Roy Harold Scherer, later Roy Fitzgerald, was turned into Rock Hudson by one of Hollywood’s most notorious talent agents, Henry Willson, known as much for taking sexual advantage of the young men he made stars as for the stars themselves. Rock Hudson navigated the difficult waters of being a gay star in a time when that would have destroyed his career; when he was diagnosed with AIDS in 1984, he made the complicated choice to go public with the news. While he was abandoned by friends Ronald and Nancy Reagan, he became the face of an emerging pandemic so enmeshed with social issues that his candor arguably changed the course not only of the fight against AIDS, but of the gay rights movement in America and worldwide.

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1 thought on “S20E15: Rock Hudson

  1. Love the podcast, ladies! But as an old/classic movie aficionado, Rock Hudson very much played a straight man in Pillow Talk. He shares a party line with Doris Day, who’s cranky that he’s hogging their shared-party line to romance the ladies 24/7. But when they happen to meet in-person, Rock’s character uses a pseudonym so he can romance Doris without her making the connection that he’s the same party-line-sharing lothario who drives her crazy. Check it out! Also, Move Over, Darling is a hilarious Hudson-Day romcom… Hudson’s a hypochondriac hubby 🤣Keep the trash coming 🥰 and alllll the spiderwebs! Love it!

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