Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Funny man David Letterman has been married twice, but his history of secrecy and infidelity is quite the tale.

S19E17: No Tell Lover | David Letterman

Content warning: Discussion of suicide

Late night television’s David Letterman has been a fixture in American households since the early 80s. His wry wit, top ten lists, and willingness to take his show into unexpected directions, all for laughs, made him a comedy legend, but the man himself has often been beset by insecurity. One friend describes his “demonically low self-esteem,” and perhaps that is why he has so often strayed into infidelity in his famously private personal life. Stacie has the details.

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1 thought on “S19E17: No Tell Lover | David Letterman

  1. Great great show on David Letterman. Despite his many shortcomings he’s one of my favorite characters. I must admit during his distasteful time I was very disappointed in him but I’m so glad he redeemed himself. He really is a talented guy and I miss his show so much. He and Regis were such a pair and they touched my heart.

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