Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Rudy Giuliani's Fulton County, Georgia, mug shot.

S19E14: A Message To You, Rudy | Rudy Giuliani (Trashy Divorces Classics)

Well friends, it finally happened: Stacie’s very first Trashy Divorces profile, Rudy Giuliani, has been indicted! Deservedly so, we think, and to make the case, we take a look at the four lawsuits he’s currently wrapped up with. While the first three are defamation cases related to his election-stealing efforts, it’s the fourth one that’s really likely to scrap his reputation for the ages.


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Stacie’s Receipts

Fact Check-Dominion lawsuits against Giuliani and Powell still active | Reuters (reuters.com)

Legal Updates: Learn how we are defending Dominion (dominionvoting.com)

Two Election Workers Targeted by Pro-Trump Media Sue for Defamation (nytimes.com)

Giuliani concedes statements were defamatory in Georgia election workers’ case | Reuters (reuters.com)

‘Close to broke’ Giuliani can’t dodge discovery in Smartmatic defamation suit | Courthouse News Service (courthousenews.com)

“I want to own you,” Giuliani says to former employee in audio transcripts filed in New York lawsuit – CBS News (cbsnews.com)

Rudy Giuliani denies sexual assault allegations made in $10 million lawsuit by former employee – CBS News (cbsnews.com)

What you need to know about Rudy Giuliani’s 2020 election charges | PBS NewsHour (pbs.org)


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