Thu. Jul 18th, 2024
Actress Kelly McGillis has divorced twice, come out as gay, and left Hollywood far behind her.

Kelly McGillis by Robert Connolly, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

S19E13: Watershed | Kelly McGillis

When the long-awaited Top Gun sequel Maverick hit theaters last year, many were left to wonder why actress Kelly McGillis wasn’t tapped to reprise her role as Charlie. Well, it turns out that she wouldn’t have been interested if they had asked. Kelly, you see, has been on quite a journey through trauma and self-discovery – including two divorces and a significant relationship breakup – and has more than moved on from the Hollywood hustle.

Content warning: This episode contains graphic descriptions of sexual assault.

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2 thoughts on “S19E13: Watershed | Kelly McGillis

  1. Thanks so much for choosing Kelly McGillis to give the Trashy treatment. I especially appreciate you mentioning the rumor of her relationship with Jodi Foster. Shortly after The Accused came out, a friend of mine from West Hollywood told me a wild tale from the set of the movie. Apparently, Kelly and Jodi got in a full-on brawl on set over one of them sleeping with…are you sitting down?…Whitney Huston.

    Sure would love confirmation from anyone who worked The Accused. Why? Because I love trash!

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