Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

S18E10: Right Where You Left Me | Iron Chef Cat Cora

This week, we’re cooking up the story of America’s first female Iron Chef – chef, restaurateur, and cook book author Cat Cora. From humble origins in Jackson, Mississippi, Cat has built an enormously successful career, but unfortunately, her love life has been rockier. In particular, her first divorce has now dragged on for years – and it’s not clear the end is in sight yet.

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Stacie’s Receipts

The Truth About Cat Cora’s Split From Her Wife, Nicole (mashed.com)

‘Iron Chef’ Cat Cora’s Wife Nicole Files for Divorce After 3 Years of Marriage (people.com)

Iron Chef star Cat Cora’s ex Nicole Ehrlich scores THREE cars in their ongoing divorce settlement | Daily Mail Online (dailymail.co.uk)

Celebrity Chef Cat Cora Ordered To Pay $114k After Blowing Off Legal Battle, Blames Ex-Wife For Debt (radaronline.com)

Cat Cora’s ‘nightmare’: Chef alleges ex-wife is stalking her (mercurynews.com)

Cat Cora and Wife Jennifer Are Divorcing After 17 Years Together (people.com)

Chef Cat Cora claims ex-wife is out to ‘destroy’ her (pagesix.com)

Cat Cora slams wife saying ‘she needs to get a job and stop poisoning the children’ | Daily Mail Online (dailymail.co.uk)

Iron Chef America’s Cat Cora, Wife Jennifer File for Divorce: Details (usmagazine.com)

Cat Cora Tries on a Timeless Wedding Dress on ‘Say Yes to the Dress,’ But Is It the One? (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight (etonline.com)

Cat Cora Marries Nicole Ehrlich (usmagazine.com)

Mugshot of celeb chef Cat Cora released after DUI citation (today.com)

Cat Cora: Legendary lesbian chef reflects on coming out at 19 (thepinknews.com)

The South’s Cat Cora Reveals Her Mentoring Strategy — America’s Best Cook | FN Dish (foodnetwork.com)

Iron Chef’s Cat Cora Files for Divorce From Wife After 17 Years Together (eonline.com)

Brandi Glanville considered settling down with Cat Cora | Page Six (pagesix.com)

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