Wed. Apr 10th, 2024

S18E9: Everybody’s Got a Cousin in Miami | Peter Phillips, Son of Princess Anne

Our Coronation Countdown continues with a scion of House Windsor who has never held a title, but has still made some waves for the Palace. Peter Phillips, son of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, was set up to live a “normal” life in spite of being Queen Elizabeth II’s first grandchild. It sort of worked! His future first wife only learned of his family ties when, months into their relationship, she saw him in a documentary talking about his cousins, Princes William and Harry. When things came apart in the marriage, Buckingham Palace was kind enough to leave the story well enough alone.

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  1. Question- Is there a certain picture oh HRH Diana that we are supposed to use to show our allegiance to the rightful queen? Just wondering if it’s a certain one or just any of her beautiful face

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