Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Actor Michael Sheen has had high profile romances - and breakups - with Kate Beckinsale and Sarah Silverman

S17E12: Not Getting Married Today | Michael Sheen

It’s a mid-season palate cleanser! Stacie brings us the serial monogamy tale of Welsh actor Michael Sheen, from a very public misadventure with actress Kate Beckinsale to a very amicable split from comedian Sarah Silverman. About the only thing Michael hasn’t done by now is, well, get married.

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Stacie’s Receipts

The Serendipitous Career of Kate Beckinsale (dealmemo.com via archive.org)

WHY I AM STILL NOT MARRIED; Kate Beckinsale keeps dropping hints, but still her lover won’t tie the knot (Daily Record via archive.org)

Michael Sheen gets candid about his ‘difficult’ split from Kate Beckinsale | Daily Mail Online (dailymail.co.uk)

Beckinsale ‘Proud’ Wiseman And Sheen Get Along | Contactmusic.com (contactmusic.com)

Beckinsale Branded Home-Wrecker (contactmusic.com via archive.org)

Remember When Michael Sheen Punched Kate Beckinsale’s Co-Star? (instyle.com)

The new woman on Welsh star’s arm – and in his life – Wales Online (walesonline.co.uk)

He’s just a love ma-Sheen! Michael Sheen’s new girlfriend (who’s half his age) is pregnant, but she’s only the latest movie beauty he has wooed since he split from Kate Beckinsale (dailymail.co.uk)

Michael Sheen & Rachel McAdams Confirm They Are Dating (people.com via archive.org)

Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen Break Up (people.com)

Sarah Silverman Opens Up About Breakup with Michael Sheen — to Her Other Ex, Jimmy Kimmel! (people.com)

Michael Sheen blames politics for split with Sarah Silverman – BBC News (bbc.com)

Michael Sheen and Anna Lundberg welcome their baby – BBC News (bbc.com)

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