Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
The Los Angeles skyline behind Dodger Stadium, both important to our subjects this week.

Los Angeles California Dodger Stadium Skyline by Pix4free

S14E12: Centerfield | Jamie and Frank McCourt & More Robert Evans

We are closing our 14th season with some big league stories! First, Stacie has the wild tale of what may be California’s most expensive divorce ever, that of former Los Angeles Dodgers owners Jamie and Frank McCourt. Then, Alicia returns to the almost unbelievable life of film producer Robert Evans, who charted a fascinating and spiderweb-intensive course through life.

We’re off next week but we’ll be back on July 6 to kick off Season 15 with a brand new Trashy Breakups!


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Stacie’s Receipts

A Major-League Divorce (vanityfair.com)

The Nastiest Billionaire Divorce Ever: Jamie and Frank McCourt* (businessinsider.com)

Los Angeles Dodgers file for bankruptcy after failed TV deal (espn.com)

Frank and Jamie McCourt reach settlement involving Dodgers (latimes.com via archive.org)

Frank McCourt agrees to sell Dodgers (latimes.com)

Dodgers sale closes; McCourt era ends (latimes.com via archive.org)

Jamie McCourt wants $770 million from ex-husband (cbssports.com via archive.org)

Jamie McCourt loses appeal, will remain $900 million short of a 50-50 split (latimes.com via archive.org)

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