Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
Singer-songwriter Michelle Malone

Michelle Malone, photographed by Jolie Loren Rizzi.

07 Trashy Breakups: Even The Queen | Michelle Malone Visits TDHQ

Sometimes we all need a little musical interlude, and today seemed like a wonderful day to have Atlanta’s Michelle Malone on to share a few tunes and tell us about her new album, 1977. Michelle has been a fixture in the American roots music scene for more than 30 years, and the new album evolved while she and her collaborators were navigating the strange world of 2020.

Check out more of Michelle’s work at michellemalone.com, get your copy of 1977, and get to know her better through her Patreon community.


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2 thoughts on “07 Trashy Breakups: Even The Queen | Michelle Malone Visits TDHQ

  1. This was a delightful interview. I too saw Michelle Malone back in the L5P Pub days. I saw her at the beginning of COVID 2020 in Tampa. She gave a great show. I love the song, Know My Name. The tune is breezy and the lyrics are thought provoking. Also, I learned of Trashy Divorces Podcast from Michelle Malone’s email. So bonus for me! I’ll check you out again.

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