Mon. May 20th, 2024
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04 Trashy Breakups: Hell On Heels | Barbara ‘Bobo’ Sears Rockefeller

Alicia pulls a spiderweb she discovered on another of her podcasts, Done & Dunne, about perhaps the reigning champion of divorce, socialite Barbara ‘Bobo’ Sears Rockefeller. When Bobo died at 91 in 2008, the New York Sun remembered her with this headline: “Bobo Rockefeller, 91, Married Well, Divorced Better.” An ex-wife of both a Sears and a Rockefeller, she was a prominent personality in the 1950s when she had both a well-publicized “Cinderella Wedding” to Standard Oil heir Winthrop Rockefeller, and a Divorce of the Century from him two years later.

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1 thought on “04 Trashy Breakups: Hell On Heels | Barbara ‘Bobo’ Sears Rockefeller

  1. I am literally mind blown right now. I’m home from work due to a February 2 blizzard. I dispatch 911 and listen to you all religiously. Welp, I’m mopping floors as you do and I hear you say , Bobo lived in Lowell Indiana!!! What?? I need to know where because that is where I live. I had to replay it twice. Can you provide the address? I would like to drive by. You are rockstars. Thank you for all you do !

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