Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024
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12 Trashy Breakups: Feel Flows | Mary-Louise Parker and Billy Crudup (ft. Claire Danes and a Random Cabdriver)

In our last Trashy Breakups of the year, we’re bringing the very tough split between actors Mary-Louise Parker and Billy Crudup, the fallout of which left a random New York City cabdriver almost as rattled as Mary-Louise herself.


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Stacie’s Receipts

Dear Mr. You, by Mary-Louise Parker (Amazon link)

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Ten Facts About Mary-Louise Parker, the Hottest Actress on Showtime (stepbystep.com)

Parker, Mary-Louise (hwwilson.com via archive.org)

Mary-Louise Parker names son after Billy Crudup | EW.com (ew.com)

Billy Crudup: ‘Life is hard. It’s filled with grief, confusion, unpredictability … ‘ | Television & radio | The Guardian (theguardian.com)

Mary-Louise Parker Addresses Billy Crudup Leaving Her for Claire Danes (usmagazine.com)

After 12 Years, Mary-Louise Parker Finally Wrote About Being Dumped by Billy Crudup While Pregnant (jezebel.com)

Claire Danes Opens Up About Billy Crudup/Mary-Louise Parker Scandal | Vanity Fair (vanityfair.com)

Billy Crudup takes son along to support ex Mary-Louise Parker | Daily Mail Online (dailymail.co.uk)


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