Mon. May 27th, 2024
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04 Trashy Breakups: Lost Like This | Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton

Today we’re following up on Alicia’s Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh story from Sunday. Stacie continues the thread with actress Helena Bonham Carter, whose post-Branagh relationship, with director Tim Burton, began every bit as controversially as the one with Ken had.

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Stacie’s Receipts

Helena Bonham Carter: ‘Divorce is cruel. But some parts are to be recommended’ (theguardian.com. This is the Hadley Freeman piece I mention in the story)

Tim Burton: Boyhood traumas of a director (independent.co.uk / archive.org link)

The Helena Bonham Carter Cheating Scandal Explained (nickiswift.com)

TBT: Helena Bonham Carter and Kenneth Branagh (instyle.com)

What Really Went On Between Tim Burton And Helena Bonham Carter? (thethings.com)

Apes brings romance to Burton and Bonham Carter (theguardian.com)

I’M NO HOME WRECKER; Helena Bonham Carter on her affairs with Branagh and Burton. – Free Online Library (mirror.co.uk via thefreelibrary.com)

Rummaging for a Piece of Tim Burton (nytimes.com)

Director Tim Burton’s Ex Sues Him for Fraud (people.com)

Judge ends lawsuit against Tim Burton (cbc.ca)

Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton Split (people.com)

Helena Bonham Carter: ‘I wanted to put ‘handle with care’ tape on my forehead when Tim and I split’ | London Evening Standard (standard.co.uk)

Hollywood Icon, The Career of Helena Bonham Carter So Far (YouTube link)

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