Thu. Jun 13th, 2024
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07 Trashy Breakups: Stitched Up | John Mayer

It was only a matter of time before Alicia would turn her spreadsheet-making skills to the life and times of musician John Mayer. The list of his relationships – real and perhaps imagined – is long enough that one would be forgiven for wondering whether there are any prominent women left for him to date. Fair warning, this one is a little explicit.


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Alicia’s Receipts

John Mayer – all the women he’s dated | Gallery (wonderwall.com)

The John Mayer girlfriend list: The dating history of Hollywood’s rent-a-beau | London Evening Standard (standard.co.uk)

John Mayer and Cazzie David Spotted Out Together in LA (eonline.com)

Does Jessica Simpson Want an Apology From Ex John Mayer? She Says… (eonline.com)

John Mayer on Jessica Simspon, Jennifer Aniston, and Why the Best Sex Happens Alone (playboy.com)

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Vh1 Storytellers – John Mayer (2/6 Daughters) subtitulado al español (YouTube link)

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  1. Please read or reference Jessica Simpson’s book ‘Open Book’ or better yet listen to ‘You’re Wrong About’ podcast’s discussion of her book about her take on her life for a ‘fuller’ (?) possibly more rounded account. Or not…

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