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Kerry Kennedy by Ericsilva, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons; Jerry Lee Lewis by By photographer:Maurice Seymour, Chicago. (eBay item photo front photo back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

S11E6: Great Balls of Fire | Kerry Kennedy and Andrew Cuomo & Jerry Lee Lewis


There was big news out of New York this week, which reminded Alicia that Andrew Cuomo, the disgraced, resigning governor there, once had a very trashy divorce from Kerry Kennedy. Stacie, meanwhile, tries to make sense of the car crash of a life that rock pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis has lived.


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Alicia’s Receipts

The Contender: Andrew Cuomo, a Biography, by Michael Shnayerson (Amazon link)

Andrew Cuomo Responds to Damning Attorney General Report With Slideshow of People He Hasn’t Sexually Harassed (vanityfair.com)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigns over sexual harassment allegations (apnews.com)

Andrew Cuomo and Kerry Kennedy’s Ill-Fated Marriage (vanityfair.com)

Andrew Cuomo & daughters on life under lockdown (CBS Sunday Morning / YouTube link)

Kerry Kennedy’s Daughter Opens Up About Queer Identity (YouTube link)

Kerry Kennedy on Andrew Cuomo (6/15/2010) (YouTube link)

The Real Reason Andrew Cuomo And Kerry Kennedy Divorced (YouTube link)

Stacie’s Receipts

The Troubling History Of Jerry Lee Lewis (grunge.com)

Pentecostals in Heat (villagevoice.com)

The Strange and Mysterious Death of Mrs. Jerry Lee Lewis (rollingstone.com)

Cousin’s ex becomes Jerry Lee Lewis’ 7th wife (cnn.com)

Ballad of the 13-Year-Old Bride. Myra Lewis Williams — eternally known… | by Alan Light | Cuepoint (medium.com)

Lewis’ wife dies in pool (news.google.com)

Jerry Lee Lewis: The Killer Reloaded (rollingstone.com)

Jerry Lee Lewis’s short-lived music success (ew.com)

The Tiny Spark That Survived : The Rock ‘n’ Roll Life of Star’s Child Bride (latimes.com)

Jerry Lee Lewis (people.com)

Rock ‘n’ roll king of controversy | Express Yourself | Comment | Express.co.uk (express.co.uk)

“Hellfire” – 1982 article in Penthouse by Nick Tosches (rockabillyville.blogspot.com)

Cool facts about Kerrie McCarver, the sixth wife of American singer Jerry Lee Lewis! – Married Biography (marriedbiography.com)

Lewis divorce (actionnews5.com)

Rock pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis renews marriage vows with seventh wife (wionews.com)

Jerry Lee Lewis – Report (nytimes.com)

True Crime: Episode 154: The Mysterious Death of Mrs. Jerry Lee Lewis w/Erica Kelly (onceuponacrime.libsyn.com)



1 thought on “S11E6: Great Balls of Fire | Kerry Kennedy and Andrew Cuomo & Jerry Lee Lewis

  1. Hello Ladies!

    Regarding Cuomolot- they moved to Douglaston Manor in Queens. I know, cause as a working class kid who grew up in the next town over I used to go there and drink beers on the water and throw beer cans on the front lawn.
    And regarding Michael – he might have been a private man but at the time of his death his marriage had just blown up because he was having an affair with the 15-year-old babysitter. I believe that his wife had found them out. Also Cuomo and his younger brother Chris of CNN fame (also known in NY as Fredo) went out to talk to the press. P.S. love the podcast. You guys are my companions while working remote! Keep on Trashin’ I love it! 🙂

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