Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Lionel Richie by Raph_PH, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons; Erika Jayne by Louis Reed, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

S11E2: Sail On | Lionel Richie & Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi

You’ve asked for ’em and we’re answering! This week, Alicia has the two divorces of music legend Lionel Richie, and Stacie gets us up to speed on perhaps the trashiest Housewives story ever: Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi.


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Alicia’s Receipts

Lionel Richie Remembers his Hometown Tuskegee (YouTube link)

Lionel Richie, a “hopeless, disgusting romantic” (YouTube link)

Lionel Richie’s Marriages, Kids, and Relationship with Lisa Parigi (countryliving.com)

Lionel Richie’s estranged wife seeks $300,000 a month in support. (divorcemag.com)

An Expensive Break: Lionel Ritchie and All About His Divorce – LAWS.com (celebrity.laws.com)

Lionel Richie Behind the Music (YouTube link)

The Lionel Richie Love Triangle That Literally Got Him “Drop-Kicked” (throwbacks.com)

The Untold Truth Of Lionel Richie’s Ex-Wife – Diane Alexander (biographypedia.org)

Stacie’s Receipts

The legal titan and the ‘Real Housewife’: The rise and fall of Tom Girardi and Erika Jayne (latimes.com)

State Bar casts doubts on Giradi’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, suggests charges are coming (LA Times / archive.org)

How Litigation Finance Toppled the Fortunes of a Real Housewives Star (institutionalinvestor.com)

Girardi Firm Directed Fee Payments To His Wife, Trustee Says: BravoRealHousewives (reddit.com)

RHOBH Erika Girardi closet tour (YouTube link)

Erika Jayne house: the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills home (homeandgardens.com)

Why Did ‘RHOBH’ Star Erika Girardi And Tom Girardi Divorce? (womenshealthmag.com)

Erika Jayne Spends $40,000 a Month on Clothes, Makeup, Hair | PEOPLE.com (people.com)

Erika Jayne, ex Tom Girardi of ‘Real Housewives’ sued for embezzlement (usatoday.com)

Erika Jayne claims California judge is Tom Girardi’s alleged mistress (pagesix.com)

Queens of Bravo on Twitter: “#RHOBH Cut Scene: After Erika announces her divorce, Mauricio and Kyle give their opinion on their relationship.… “ (twitter.com)

Erika Jayne Accused of Conspiring to Conceal Assets (etonline.com)

Tom Girardi’s Law Firm Allegedly Loaned Estranged Wife Erika Girardi’s Businesses Over $20 Million (people.com)

‘RHOBH’ Star Erika Jayne Was Accused Of Filing For Divorce To Skirt Embezzlement Claims (bustle.com)

Tom Girardi loses law license amid legal struggles Tom Girardi loses law license amid legal struggles (pagesix.com)

Erika Girardi’s Estranged Husband Tom Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease amid Multiple Lawsuits (people.com)

Trustee Believes Erika Jayne is Liable for $7 Million as Judge Approves Investigation Into RHOBH Star’s Finances and Denies Gag Order (realityblurb.com)

Erika Jayne’s Estranged Husband Tom Girardi Disagrees With Conservatorship But Doesn’t Object ‘Right Now’ (etonline.com)

‘RHOBH’ Recap: Erika Jayne Tearfully Breaks Silence On Tom Girardi ‘Sham’ Divorce Claims (hollywoodlife.com)

Why Did Erika Jayne Divorce Tom Girardi? She Explained On ‘RHOBH’ (bustle.com)

Erika and Tom Girardi Legal Issues Hulu Special: 5 Takeaways (variety.com)

Erika Jayne Addressed Scooter Braun Affair Talk Days Before Music Manager’s Split From Wife Yael (radaronline.com)

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