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01 Trashy Breakups: You Oughta Know | Alanis Morisette and Dave Coulier

Back in 1995, singer-songwriter Alanis Morisette let it all hang out in one of the grittiest, angriest breakup songs ever recorded, You Oughta Know. The specific subject of the song – and whether it was even one guy or some kind of composite of breakups – has long been rumored to be Full House’s Uncle Joey, comic actor Dave Coulier.

Then, Alicia has the strange-but-not-true story of an online hoax claiming that TLC’s 1999 smash No Scrubs was also inspired by Dave Coulier.

More takes on You Oughta Know below Alicia’s Receipts:

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TLC Confirms That “No Scrubs” Was Also Written About Dave Coulier (thehardtimes.net)

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  1. In regard to the Robin Sparkles storyline, is one able to further draw the connection seeing that Saget is the narrator of HIMYM and Coulier’s former co-star?

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