Tue. May 21st, 2024

08 Trashy Royals: Lady Jane Grey, The Nine Days’ Queen

Hello friends! We’re having a slight schedule change this week and bringing you Trashy Royals today, and our normally scheduled Trashy Divorces episode on Wednesday*. This week, Alicia has the incredible story of Lady Jane Grey, England’s Nine Days’ Queen, who got caught in the succession rigmarole that characterized the decade between Henry VIII’s death in 1547 and the ascension of Elizabeth I in 1558. This one features sickly King Edward VI, future Queen “Bloody” Mary I, and a host of political machinations that can only come from the gangland-style family intrigue we’ve come to know and love in the Court of the Tudors.

We’ll be back Wednesday with your regularly scheduled Trashy Divorces, and then back to the usual release schedule from there.

*As you’ll hear in the intro, we’re mid-move and still working on sound treating our new recording room. In the interest of audio quality, we thought something recorded at the old space would be a nicer listen.


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