Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Not pictured: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen; Gloria Vanderbilt by United States Steel Corporation, the show's sponsor., Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

S9E1: Rich Girl | Mary-Kate (and Ashley) Olsen & Gloria Vanderbilt

And we’re back! For our Season 9 opener, Stacie takes a look at Mary-Kate Olsen’s attempt to get a pandemic quickie divorce, plus a bunch of other Olsen Twin trashmagic. Then, Alicia has the story of American icon Gloria Vanderbilt, an undisputed rich girl who in no way had it all.

Stacie’s Receipts

Olsen Twins: The Truth About Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (who.com.au)

All the Celebrity Name Drops From Six Seasons of Schitt’s Creek (fashionmagazine.com)

The Designer Interview: Elizabeth and James (net-a-porter.com)

The Row: The Quiet Ones (wwd.com)

When Did Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Become Billionaires? (cheatsheet.com)

Things From Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Tumultuous College Years You’ve Probably Forgotten About (distractify.com)


Mary-Kate Olsen’s Connection To Heath Ledger Death Revealed | Access Online (accessonline.com)

Mary-Kate Olsen Was Allegedly Dating Heath Ledger Right Before His Death (cheatsheet.com)

Inside Mary-Kate & Heath’s Relationship (people.com)

Mary-Kate Olsen had ‘bowls of cigarettes’ for guests at wedding (pagesix.com)

Olivier Sarkozy moved ex-wife into home amid Mary-Kate Olsen split (pagesix.com)

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Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy Are Going To Have to Figure Out What to Do With Their $13.5 Million Townhouse (vanityfair.com)

Alicia’s Receipts

Gloria Vanderbilt: World Famous Socialite | Full Documentary | Biography (YouTube link)

From 2016: Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt share their bond (YouTube link)

From 2004: Gloria Vanderbilt’s many loves (YouTube link)

Gloria Vanderbilt 1924-2019 (YouTube link)

Anderson Cooper & Gloria Vanderbilt – The Rainbow Comes and Goes Audiobook (YouTube link)




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