Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

S7E6: Gaslighter | The Chicks & Ingrid Bergman

Do we have some #trashcandy for you this week! First up, Alicia has the divorces of The Chicks, with a particular emphasis on the recent, long-running, and apparently song-inspiring divorce of Natalie Maines. The word of the day is “allegedly.”

Then, Stacie has the three marriages and divorces of Hollywood icon Ingrid Bergman, whose affair with Italian director Roberto Rossellini nearly ended her career.

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Alicia’s Receipts

Gaslighter (Amazon affiliate link)

The Chicks On Why They Dropped The “Dixie” And Wrote A Modern Protest Anthem, “March March” (YouTube link)

Martie and Gareth Maguire (tesschick.tripod.com)

Everything we know about Chicks Natalie Maines’ divorce (latimes.com)

Why Did Natalie Maines From The Dixie Chicks and Actor Adrian Pasdar Divorce? (cheatsheet.com)

Break up with wife painful but inspiring for Charlie Robison (cleveland.com)

Stacie’s Receipts

Petter Lindstrom; Abandoned by Ingrid Bergman (latimes.com)

Ingrid Bergman had made peace with America, says daughter Rossellini (reuters.com)

Petter Lindstrom, 93, Surgeon and Bergman’s Spouse in ’50 Scandal (nytimes.com)

Petter Lindstrom | Film (theguardian.com)

Ingrid Bergman – – Biography (biography.com)

The Casablanca kiss: Remembering Ingrid Bergman 100 years on | DW | 28.08.2015 (dw.com)

Ingrid Bergman’s scandalous affair with an Italian director caused a US Senator to denounce the star as a “powerful influence of evil” (thevintagenews.com)

Ingrid Bergman Regains Custody of Her Children (nytimes)

RESTRICTED: Ingrid Bergman | PEOPLE.com (people.com)

Here’s Looking at You, Kid: Ingrid Bergman’s Daughter Isabella May Be the Next Star in the Family (people.com)

Isabella Rossellini talks about her relationship with her mother, Ingrid Bergman (irishexaminer.com)

Bad mom, great movie star in ‘Ingrid Bergman’ documentary (azcentral.com)

Ingrid Bergman’s Daughters Remember Their Mom 38 Years after She Passed Away (amomama.com)

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