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Johnny Carson: NBC Television [Public domain] / Ava Gardner: See page for author [Public domain]

S5E2: One For My Baby (and One More For The Road) | Johnny Carson & Mickey Rooney and Ava Gardner and Artie Shaw

More versions of One For My Baby below.


For our second dive into the Ocean’s Eleven: 12 Degrees of Frank Sinatra season, Stacie has the Rat Pack-adjacent comedian and original King of Late Night, Johnny Carson. He was a private person who was possibly America’s most beloved and public figure for three decades. His three divorces – and final, apparently happy marriage, reveal the split-screen that was his life.

Then, Alicia has the tragic early years of Ava Gardner: her rural North Carolina upbringing, her discovery by the MGM star machine, and her first marriages, to Mickey Rooney and Artie Shaw. It’s all prelude to her final, tumultuous marriage to Sinatra, which is coming up later this season.

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Bette Midler sings farewell to Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show, May 21, 1992


Johnny opens for the Rat Pack in 1965 (first few minutes of a longer show)


Alicia’s Receipts:

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More One For My Baby:




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