Sun. May 19th, 2024
Frank Sinatra and Charles Dickens

Frank Sinatra and Charles Dickens

S5E1: Love and Marriage | Frank Sinatra and Nancy Sr. & Charles Dickens, Victorian Trashbag


It’s the #trashpack, y’all! For our fifth season launch, Alicia is deep-diving into Frank Sinatra’s trashy life and loves. This week we kick off with Ol’ Blue Eyes’s first marriage and divorce to Nancy Barbato; Nancy Senior, if you will. Are you ready for “Ocean’s 11: 12 Degrees of Frank Sinatra?” 

Then, Stacie has the surprisingly trashy tale of Charles Dickens’s public abandonment of his wife of 22 years and the secret, 13-year-long affair that he conducted with a young actress throughout the rest of his life. Turns out that so-called “Great Men” only hold up if their followers are willing to keep their secrets.

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The Invisible Woman: The Story of Charles Dickens and Nelly Ternan, by Claire Tomalin

The film version of The Invisible Woman, starring Felicity Jones and Ralph Fiennes

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