Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024
A torn envelope from 1907

S4E0: Dirty Details | Your Trashy Divorces


We asked and you answered! This week, we’re getting season four teed up for September 29, but we promised an episode from the mailbag if you sent in your trashy divorce stories.

We were inundated! This episode is just a taste of the amazing stories we’ve loved reading all week. This episode features couples who married too young, a nefarious lawyer, a globe trotting snob, a poorly executed kidnapping plot, a flaming wedding dress, a nanny’s betrayal, a hidden history of armed robbery, and so much more.

We’ve enjoyed this whole thing more than we can say, and we’d love to make Dirty Details a (semi?) regular thing. If you’d like to share your trashy divorce story, drop us a line at trashydivorces@gmail.com.

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