Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
Singer Madonna, costumed and on stage. This Trashy Divorces episode covers her marriage and divorces from actor Sean Penn and director Guy Ritchie.

S3E7: Borderline | Sean Penn & Madonna & Guy Ritchie

This week, it’s one of the most famous Leos of our time, two-time divorcee, and cultural and musical legend: Madonna. First up, Alicia has the story of her short and turbulent 1980s marriage to fellow Leo and Hollywood bad boy Sean Penn. Then, Stacie has the deets on Madonna’s second marriage, to filmmaker Guy Ritchie, and the custody battle that followed with – but not exactly over – their son, Rocco.


Here is video of Madonna talking warmly about her ex-husband, Sean Penn, on stage a few years ago.

Here is the super weird looking Mirror story that appeared shortly after Guy Ritchie and Madonna filed for divorce in the UK that Stacie talked about.

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