Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024
Actress Elizabeth Taylor looking beautiful in a publicity still ca. 1960

S2E7: Diamond Girl | Elizabeth Taylor, with Erica Kelley of Southern Fried True Crime



To celebrate Mother’s Day, we decided to cover the Mother of Trashy Divorces – Elizabeth Taylor! And to cover Elizabeth Taylor, we asked our friend and Elizabeth Taylor superfan Erica Kelley of the Southern Fried True Crime podcast to join us!

There is so much tea in this episode, friends. Not just the seven husbands and eight weddings, but all the side stories and rabbit holes that give us all the joy (and all the feels). Elizabeth Taylor was complex: a child star, a hard-drinking beauty, a foul-mouthed sophisticate, a one-take actor, an Oscar winner, a widow, a mother, an activist, and a many-time divorcee. Elizabeth Taylor was singular. Come meet her with us, or get to know her again.

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Taylor and Burton in an image that launched Le Scandal.
Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in an image that rocked the world.

Here’s the 2018 Curbed listing for the Beverly Hills estate that Elizabeth and Michael Wilding used to break into before they bought it.

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