Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024
Australian politician Barnaby Joyce, left, and Watergate figures Martha Mitchell and John Mitchell

Barnaby Joyce by Apple and Pear Australia Ltd, Martha Mitchell and John Mitchell

S2E6: Mr. Big Stuff | Australia’s Barnaby Joyce & Martha and John Mitchell

This week, Stacie shares a listener suggestion: Barnaby Joyce, former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and, apparently, a trash man on the make. After a career as a family values champion, a 2018 sex scandal known as #barnababy brought a swift end to his 24-year-long marriage and a firm estrangement from his four daughters.

After the break, Alicia has a story she’s been waiting her whole life to tell: Martha Mitchell, wife of Nixon-era Attorney General John Mitchell, and the flawed Cassandra of the Watergate scandal, and, in the memorable words of one listener, “that resourceful little drunk-dialer.”

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