Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
Fleetwood Mac in the Rumours era, left, and Carly Simon and James Taylor during their marriage, right

Fleetwood Mac in the Rumours era; Carly Simon and James Taylor

S2E2: Go Your Own Way | Fleetwood Mac and Carly Simon & James Taylor

This week, pull on something mustard yellow and get your glitter scarves out of the closet: we’re taking a trip to the 1970s!

First up, Stacie has the trashy situation that rock superstars Fleetwood Mac found themselves in circa 1977, when the whole band was a roiling mess of heartbreak, infidelity, illicit attraction, and power-pop prowess.

In the second block, Alicia has the heartwrenching story of the marriage of Carly Simon and James Taylor. Though they had two children and spent years together, James’s drug addiction eventually made the marriage untenable.

Stacie’s Soundtrack and Receipts

Sound on Sound interview with Rumours producer Ken Caillat.

Rolling Stone on ‘Silver Springs,’ 40 years later.

The Daily Mail on Fleetwood Mac’s epic late-70s debauchery.


Alicia’s Soundtrack and Receipts

Boys in the Trees, a Memoir, Carly Simon.

James Taylor and Carly Simon: The Rolling Stone Interview (1973)

Carly Simon drops in on her local radio station in 2018 with tapes of John Prine singing his brand new song “Angel from Montgomery” in her house in 1970.

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