Sun. May 26th, 2024
Singing duo Sonny and Cher, left, and Princess Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew in their wedding carriage, right

S1E11: I Got You Babe | Sonny & Cher and Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson


Welcome to Week 11, where we bring some soft focus to a bleak topic with some divorces that seem to have genuinely left everybody – and perhaps the relationship itself – in better shape.

First, Stacie tells the weird story of music and television stars Sonny & Cher, and how Sonny’s unshakable vision of what Cher’s dreams looked like ultimately broke their relationship beyond repair. Here’s the link to the Blank on Blank piece Stacie mentions.

Then Alicia shares the tale of England’s Prince Andrew and his lady love – possibly even to this day – Sarah Ferguson. They do seem to have had a spectacularly successful divorce, and even continue to cohabitate more than two decades later.

Music we talk about:


3 thoughts on “S1E11: I Got You Babe | Sonny & Cher and Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson

  1. Sonny & Cher episode. Mr Tambourine Man & We’ll Meet Again are both hits from The Byrd’s 1965 album. Love you two! A friend recommended this and I’ve been binge-listening all week. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Soooo going through the back catalog. Loving every ep I’ve heard thus far.

    Are your feelings different about Prince Andrew since stuff has been revealed about him and Jeffrey Epstein?

    Love your work ladies!

  3. I have been listening for the past couple of weeks and really enjoying the pod! I do have to say something about the Sonny and Cher episode, though. Sonny was actually taller than Cher. She always wore platform shoes on their show, so it did give the illusion of her being taller. He was not a tall man by our modern day standards, but he was not shorter than Cher. I can’t attach a picture, but I have one that clearly shows their heights – he in flats, she in heels and their heads are at the same level. Loving the podcast!!

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