Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
The Beatles's George Harrison with wife Pattie Boyd, left, and musicians Ike Turner and Tina Turner during their marriage, right

George Harrison and Pattie Boyd by Robert Freeman; Ike Turner and Tina Turner, United Artists/McFadden, Strauss, Irwin

S1E10: What’s Love Got To Do With It | George Harrison, Pattie Boyd, and Eric Clapton & Ike and Tina Turner

This week, we talk musical royalty from the UK and the US. First, Alicia tells us the terribly trashy tale of the love triangle between Beatle George Harrison, his wife, model Pattie Boyd, and guitar legend Eric Clapton.

Then, Stacie brings us back across the pond to cover the fascinating but heartbreaking story of Ike and Tina Turner. This one’s tough, but we can all celebrate that ultimately, Tina Turner escaped an abusive relationship and followed her dreams, becoming a role model for badasses everywhere.

We’ve gathered up a selection of YouTube videos of some of the greatest music ever recorded based on today’s stories. Enjoy!

Something by George Harrison, with some amazing footage of all of the Beatles and their lady loves….and lots of capes. I don’t know why.

Eric Clapton playing “Further On Down the Road” in 1978 for The Band’s The Last Waltz – which is the best live recorded musical movie of all time, according to Alicia.

Rocket 88, one of the first “Rock ‘n’ Roll” songs ever recorded. According to some, the very first ever.

Nutbush was the final Ike & Tina hit, recorded at their Los Angeles studio and written by Tina Turner

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