Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Mary Jo Buttafuoco, left, and Lorena Gallo (formerly Lorena Bobbitt), right

Mary Jo Buttafuoco and Lorena Gallo

S1E6: The First Cut Is The Deepest | Buttafuocos & Bobbitts


This week, we jump jump back to the early ’90s to get into two of the most infamous cases of the decade: Joey & Mary Jo Buttafuoco (and Amy Fisher), and John & Lorena Bobbitt. Journey with us to the trashy past while we take a second look at these cases and why they still matter.

Listen to Mary Jo Buttafuoco reflect on events 26 years later.

Here’s the New York Times scooping Stacie with a really thoughtful and interesting profile of Lorena Bobbitt. Jerks.

This 2018 Vanity Fair piece examining the Bobbitt story after 25 years is genuinely banging writing. Strong recommend.

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